I founded The Affirmation Spot in 2007 with the goal of helping people overcome the negativity and challenges in their lives, as I have had to do repeatedly in my own. I recognized the negativity that permeates popular culture and visions of the human future.

There is some debate about how many thoughts we think per day, how many are conscious, and how many are positive versus negative. Without a doubt we think tens of thousands of thoughts each day.

It really doesn't matter whether an individual thought is positive or negative. We all think both. That's natural. What matters is what I call your "default setting." Which perspective is the prevailing wind driving both your conscious and unconscious thinking.

My observation of human behavior is that we fall into three groups.

  1. About 10 percent population has a positive default setting. They default to a happy, positive outlook regardless of circumstances.
  2. Another 10 percent of the people are negative by default, want to be negative and just choose to be that way. They don't want to change, they don't want anyone to try to cheer them up, they just want to wallow in that negativity and spread it. They view happy people as dupes and easy marks.
  3. The other 80 percent of us fall somewhere on a spectrum between these two extremes. We want to think positively, but we look around at the challenges in the world and the inhumanity and we turn "culturally negative." Some might call this jaded or hardened to world "just being that way."
    1. Some decide to work at thinking more positively and using the power of those mindsets to propel them forward in life. They generally see the benefit of a better outlook for their health, wealth, and happiness. They use a variety of tools to keep themselves motivated.
    2. Others decide to just kind go with the flow. They don't really believe positive thinking can help them. They tend to see themselves as "realists." Sometimes life is good and other times it's crappy and that's just how it is.
    3. The final group in this category experiences overwhelming negative life experiences that put them on the road to the abyss of negativity or they become the ultimate positive thinkers who inspire others to overcome their challenges too.

Regardless of which group you fall into, we are all bathed in a popular culture that dispenses pervasive negativity. There's always another enemy and thus another war. The planet is about to implode. A civilization-ending pandemic is about to strike. The economy is perilous.

These messages of limitation, disempowerment, and dystopia are a prison to the mind of human beings. If you listen to that stuff 24/7, I guarantee you you'll believe the world is coming apart at the seams and there is no hope.

We are taught to look without for answers when they live within. People turn to politicians, celebrities, and just famous people for answers rather than turning to the one person who has those answers - themselves. I believe mindsets are what will make the difference in humanity's ability to survive and overcome its coming challenges.

I don't come to you as guru. I come to you as a fellow traveler sharing wisdom, insight, and empowerment gleaned from my own journey. Together, by changing our thoughts, we WILL change this world.


Ray Davis
The Affirmation Spot