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Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.
~Grant Cardone


Few careers are as rewarding as a career in sales and few are as lonely when things aren’t going well. I spent seven years in B2B sales. I experienced the highs of selling success and the lows of selling slumps. For the past 18 years, I have written B2B sales courses and curricula for a Fortune 200 company.

All of this experience has taught me one important thing about sales. Motivation is critical to ongoing sales success. What happens between your ears and how you process euphoria and rejection shows up on your sales results. Resilience is needed in any job. In sales, it's a survival skill.

Perhaps you have a mentor, a colleague, or a great manager who is there to pump you up when things go south. The truth is we all know that the only source of motivation we can rely upon is ourselves.

Here are some sales affirmations that I have used over the years. I hope you will find them helpful. Now get out there and bust that quota!

  1. A great sales person lives within me! Today that sales person shows up at my appointments!

  2. Month after month, I am the top salesperson in my office!

  3. I am the best salesperson in my office and this month I prove it!

  4. My most important product is me! I believe in that product and I am always ready to sell it!

  5. My company sets my quota, but I set my goals! This month I blow my quota out of the water!

  6. I always have a funnel filled with quality prospects and leads.

  7. I am a winner! I look like a winner! I sell like a winner! I succeed like a winner!

  8. I love the pressure of prospecting. The pressure sharpens my skills and gets me more sales!

  9. Excellence is my personal brand. My commitment to it is unwavering!

  10. I believe in my selling abilities!

  11. The word no doesn’t phase me. When I hear it I think, “Let the selling begin!”

  12. I win deals by outplanning and out-preparing the competition.

  13. I am a shoe-in for president’s club this year!

  14. I think positive and prosperous thoughts for myself, my sales team, my company, and my customers. In my selling world, everyone wins!

  15. I thrive on objections. I listen to the objection. I process the objection and I handle it!

  16. Nobody closes a deal the way I close a deal!

  17. I am resilient. I bounce back from sales losses and I am onto the next win.

  18. My customer is always my priority.

  19. I listen before I present. I diagnose before I prescribe.

This video of sales mantras also helps you to remember some of the best practices that will make you a sales success.

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