Clarity Affirmations

Today's Quote
There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity.
Erwin McManus

  1. I KNOW who I came to the planet to be and I am committed to be that person!
  2. When my purpose stands up, my doubt stands down!
  3. When I follow my heart, I always find my way!
  4. Whenever I listen to my heart, I KNOW why I'm here!
  5. Whenever I listen to my heart, I KNOW what to do!
  6. Today I am blessed with absolute clarity. I am on purpose and achieving results!
  7. Today my purpose is clear and my life path opens before me!
  8. Today wisdom guides my vision. I see everything precisely as it is.
  9. I see my dreams clearly and today I today I claim them!
  10. I came to the planet to be a great being of light. Today I shine like never before!
  11. Today I master my distractions and stay on purpose!
  12. The light within me is so bright it blinds my fears and doubts.

May the pearls of your enlightenment appear along your path today.

Ray Davis
The Affirmation Spot