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This blog has been a long time in coming. I've been posting Career Affirmations on Twitter for a long time, but I have never compiled them in a blog. A friend of mine on Twitter who is currently looking for a new job inspired me to finally do it.

Looking for a new job is like looking for a new relationship. We don't do it all the time and when we do, we're a little out of practice. Other people are happy in their current job, but want to make it more fulfilling.

These affirmations are written to help you build the confidence that can and you will find the right job for you or the fulfillment you seek in your current job.
Attract your perfect career while you work, drive, or at the gym. MP3 affirmations are the perfect way to infuse your mind with empowering thoughts.

Attracting the Perfect Career MP3 Affirmation

  • "Right this moment I am attracting the perfect career into my life." (four times)
  • "Right this moment you are attracting the perfect career into your life." (four times)

Hear the sample:

Full Recording Length 1:15

Job Search Affirmations

  1. I deserve my ideal job and today I find it!
  2. Right this moment, my resume is being seen by all the right people.
  3. My resume gets me interviews and I show up to seal the deal!
  4. Right now, the job I am looking for is looking for me!
  5. I am recession proof! I have the skills and the talent to compete in any economy!
  6. I am a great employee! Any employer is lucky to have me!
  7. I am an asset to any organization and I prove it in every interview.
  8. My confidence is building! My ideal career arrives in my life today!
  9. Every time I interview, I exude confidence and energy!
  10. Every time I interview, I exude credibility and capability!
  11. Whenever I interview, I always impress!
  12. I am ready for my interviews. I am confident in my interviews. I am successful in my interviews.
  13. Amazing jobs are appearing in my life out of nowhere!
  14. As I put my intention for a great job out into the Universe, the Universe responds with great job opportunities.
  15. I am creating the career of my dreams. It appears in my mind and then in my world.
  16. Career change is an opportunity to have the career I want. This time I choose a great career for me!
  17. No more excuses! I deserve a job that fulfills me and now I am ready to find it!
  18. My perfect job is on a direct collision course with me right now!
  19. I committed to my happiness in this job search and my determination pays off!
  20. I am ready to work! I am ready to contribute! I communicate that energy in every interview!
  21. Every no for my wrong job gets me to closer to the yes that is perfect me!
  22. I close my eyes and I see myself in my ideal job. I open my eyes and I go make it happen!
  23. Breathing in, I know I am worthy a great career. Breathing out, I have it!
  24. I ask and I receive! I seek and I find! I ask for my ideal and today I find it!
  25. The negative news about jobs is about averages. I AM above average!


Job Fulfillment Affirmations

  1. I am the engine of my career success!
  2. I work hard! I work smart! I deserve the accolades I earn!
  3. I am excited to have this job and I make the most of it!
  4. I am the director of my career and I take the initiative to have the career I want!
  5. My career happiness is my choice.
  6. I mold my career to my goals!
  7. Today I see the ways this job contributes to my growth.
  8. Today I see the ways this job contributes to my happiness.
  9. Today I see the ways this job contributes to my financial well-being.
  10. Today I see the ways I contribute to this organization and I feel good about my contributions.
  11. Today I choose to grow and get better through collaboration with my colleagues.
  12. I have the freedom to keep this job or find a better job whenever I want to.
  13. Today and every day, I use my talents in satisfying ways!
  14. My career is what I make of it and today I make it a happy and successful experience.
  15. I climb the corporate ladder with integrity and confidence!
  16. My career is MY career and today I take ownership of it!
  17. My job does not define me, but I can define my job!
  18. What I do in my job makes a difference! I feel it! I see it! I know it!
  19. As I align my career with my true talents, the money and the happiness flows to me!
  20. I refuse to see deadends in my career. I always see possibilities!

Change Affirmations

  1. In my career and in my life, change is constant. I accept change and make the most of it.
  2. I easily and effortlessly learn new system and processes.
  3. I am always ready to learn and grow in my job!
  4. I accept constructive feedback and put it work for my benefit!

Career Specific Affirmations

  1. I am a world-class (insert career) and I prove it every day!
  2. I became a (insert career) to make a difference and today I do!

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.

Ray Davis
The Affirmation Spot