Free Download - Immune System Affirmation


Cold and flu season is fast approaching. Our minds are a key part of our defense. I’ve used this affirmation (saying it and listening to it) for years. The background is that for many years I had chronic and often severe bronchitis every winter.

It was a bet with my doctor as to whether I would make it to January 1 without coming in for antibiotics. Many years I wound up on two rounds during the winter. Having Addison’s Disease made me more susceptible.

I began doing two things in 2012 - saying this affirmation every morning in the shower and using Young Living Essential Oils (Thieves and Peppermint oils). I have not had a bad bout of bronchitis since and have not had to take antibiotics for it.

Download the MP3 for free or listen on YouTube. Listen to and say this affirmation every day and I believe, based on my experience, it will help you stay healthier this winter.

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