Sales Success Supercharger Meditation (Download)

Sales Success Supercharger Meditation (Download)

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This extended meditation features affirmations to super-charge the mental side of your game. This recording features a slow, cycling electronic track with Theta waves to help you focus. You should listen when you have some quiet time to really focus and absorb the messages.

Your confidence, resilience, and belief will decide you as a sales person. This recording can help you stay on track as you use every no as fuel to push you all the way to President's Club.

Following are the affirmations. There are interludes of repeating encouragements such as "sales confidence," "sales success," and "best sales person." Each affirmation is recorded in first and second-person for maximum impact. First-person only are shown below.

  1. I am a winner! I look like a winner! I act like a winner! I think like a winner! (repeats 5 times) You are a winner! 
  2. I plan to be the top sales person in my office and I am!
  3. I love the pressure of cold calling. The pressure sharpens my skills and gets me more sales! 
  4. I win deals because I am the best sales person. Product and price are only added benefits to doing business with me. 
  5. My company sets my quota, but I set my goals. I see myself surpassing my quota each and every month!