Test Success Affirmations


Test success, especially on big tests, is more than learning the information. Like any other big event in our lives, it requires you to be on your mental A-game.

This recording will help you improve your mindset around succeeding on tests and in your classes.

The affirmations are set to an upbeat track that can be used while you work out or move through your busy day.

Following are the affirmations. They are read in the first and second-person for maximum effect. The words "learning easy" and "acing tests" fill the space between the affirmations to place that thought firmly in your mind.

  1. I enjoy learning.
  2. I am a good learner.
  3. Learning come easy for me.
  4. I am smart and getting smarter every day.
  5. I absorb knowledge like a sponge.
  6. I am capable of learning of anything.
  7. I am prepared for my tests.
  8. I love taking tests.
  9. Tests are easy a breeze for me.
  10. A test is my chance to shine.

Listen to these affirmations here on the website.

Download your copy of the MP3.

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Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He’s been writing, recording, and using affirmations for 30 years. He's also the author of Anunnaki Awakening. He advocates for the potential of the human race. He's life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education.