Rising Star Workout Affirmations


Is your star on the rise or would you like it to be? These affirmations are written to give you the confidence to catch your rising star and ride it all the way to the top.

The affirmations are set to uptempo music ideal working out. Build your mindset while you build your body.

Each affirmation is read in the first and second-person for maximum effect.



Following are the affirmations.

  1. I am a rising star. Good things are on the way for me.
  2. I possess the talent and the determination to accomplish anything.
  3. Today I am unlocking the power within me and unleashing that power to change my world.

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Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He’s been writing, recording, and using affirmations for 30 years. He's also the author of Anunnaki Awakening. He advocates for the potential of the human race. He's life-long history buff and holds a B.S. in History Education.