You Have a Hero Within

Today’s Affirmation:

When I feel helpless I remember I AM powerful. When I feel weak I remember I AM strong!


Some may see it as cliche to talk in terms of the hero within. After all, we have a tendency to overuse words and dilute their meaning. However, I really want you to embrace this idea that hero lives within you. Every person reading this is disguised all day like Clark Kent just waiting for your phone booth moment to arrive.

We are inundated by the idea that soldiers, firefighters, and police officers are heroes. No question, they are heroes. Yet, I would argue that the seeds of heroism lie within each of us. The single parent raising several successful children is hero. The person who works for peace daily is a hero. The person who shares a kind word with someone who needs it is a hero too.

Here are eight characteristics of a hero to help you see the moments in your life when you are one.

  1. The hero’s work may be great or small. It does not always change the world. Sometimes it just changes the moment.

  2. The hero’s work is everywhere he or she goes all day long. The hero is always looking for those phone booth moments to step forward and shine.

  3. The hero may deserve or even get the credit, but the hero does what he or she does because it contributes not for the credit.

  4. The hero puts the good of the team ahead of his or her own good.

  5. The hero sees beyond appearances and gets to what is real and true; choosing to live there.

  6. The hero knows his or her work is bigger than self.

  7. The hero knows that criticism and blame comes with the territory and is careful never to associate himself or herself with either.

  8. You are a hero. Plain and simple, you are. Let that part of you come to the surface at every opportunity.

Follow your bliss! Experience your bliss! Become your bliss!


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