A Druid Prayer of Peace


Today's thought is a Prayer by Christine Worthington entitled simply "Druid Prayer".

For the Buddhist practitioners on the list this clearly evokes the concept of a Metta meditation. May be useful to use in mixing it up a bit. For everyone it is certainly an instructive approach in spreading peace from within to the world around us.

"Druid Prayer"

Deep within the still center of my being
may I find peace.
Silently within the quiet of the Grove
may we share peace.
Gently within the greater circle of humankind
may we radiate peace.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and productive Monday!


In the deepest, darkest moments of our lives we are confronted by a light of unimaginable brilliance and are surprised to find it emanating from our very own hearts.

Originally posted to my email list July 22, 1998.