365 Days to a Better You - Day 22

Share your wisdom and insights with humanity.

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You are constantly learning new things and gaining new insights into life and the human condition. Sometimes your insights are driven by circumstances particular to your situation. Other times, they are driven by extraordinary moments of clarity in the ordinary moments of your life.

Either way, you add amazing value to the whole of humanity by sharing your epiphanies and the wisdom gleaned from them. We live in a moment where it’s easier than ever to share with a few or with many.

A casual insight that you had today may very well be the critical piece of information someone else needs right now in this moment for their success, happiness, or well-being. Conversely, others are gathering information that could place the key pieces in your puzzle. Neither of you will ever know, if you don’t share.

We think of gifts in terms of money or things, but gifts can just as easily be a little wisdom shared. Being a better you this year may be dependent upon becoming a better conduit for sharing and receiving information.

Power hack: To be an effective information conduit, consider the following. When you come across a piece of useful information, think about who you know that could benefit from that insight. Share it freely with them. The more you share insights with others, the more likely they are to share useful insights with you. This pairs nicely with the networking/matchmaker activity suggested in Day 3 of this series.



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