365 Days to a Better You - Day 20

Develop and Empowering Morning Routine


Good morning, empowered minds! It’s Day 20 of 2019 already. How time flies when you’re building your dreams!

Today’s concept is to develop a morning routine for success. This is something I used to do years ago, but I have fallen out of the habit. I’m going to be joining right along with you in getting it started again.

Those quiet, often dark minutes early in the morning are a quiet, empowered place to transition from your dreamworld back to the real world. Many, many successful people absolutely swear by their morning routine.

Here are some basic ideas of things you might include to get your day off to an intentional and energetic start.

  1. Read – those first few minutes after your feet touch the ground in the morning are a great time to begin feeding your mind.

  2. Meditate or pray – your busy day leaves few spare moments for quiet reflection and connection. By making time first thing, you ensure that you’re plugged into the power of being plugged in.

  3. Stretch or exercise – some people prefer gentle stretching or yoga to begin the day, while others prefer weights, basketball, or running to get their blood flowing. The key is to get your body moving and your juices flowing.

  4. Say your affirmations – start with thoughts that empower you and point you to your goals. Listen, read, or say your affirmations or do all three.

  5. Remember your purpose – look at your vision board, pictures of your family, or your mission statement. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Make sure you have that firmly planted in your mind from the beginning of the day. It will help you keep the day’s hiccups in perspective and help you stay on goal.

  6. Protein and vitamins – make sure your system has the protein (benefits of protein in the morning) and vitamins it needs to function effectively.

  7. Gratitude and Thank you – start by feeling grateful for another day, another chance. Wayne Dyer used to say he started his day by just saying “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Thich Nhat Hanh talks about using your feet hitting the floor as a reminder to be grateful for a new 24 hours to live.

  8. Walk the dog – My dog Mia and I go for a walk every morning before I start working. She’s almost 15. It’s something the two of us have been doing for years.

This is the regimen I plan to employ. I’m already doing some of them, but to stick with my word for the year, I’m going to do them more intentionally.

You can use these, come up with some of your own, or get some more ideas from these resources. The key is to have a routine that points your day in the right direction. A strong house begins with a firm foundation.

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  2. 12 Odd morning routines of successful people

  3. What Tony Robbins does every morning

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Keep your momentum headed forward today, my friends!


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